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Monitor Juniper SSG 550 using Zabbix

09.01.2009 · Posted in Networking

Enable SNMP on the Juniper firewall

  • Configuration=>Report Settings=>SNMP
  • Create a new SNMP Community. Hosts is the Zabbix server and select the interface you want to monitor
  • At the interface level, make sure SNMP is ticked.


On the ZABBIX server

  • Make sure SNMP is installed
  • Find out the SNMP community string of the item you want to monitor using snmpwalk command => snmpwalk -v 1 x.x.x.x -c CommunityName>/tmp/snmpcommand. -v is the version of snmp, and -c is the community name you’ve specified in Juniper. And this command will write to an output file in /tmp directory.
  • Find the OID of the SNMP community string using SNMPGET command. snmpget -v 1 -On x.x.x.x CommunityString -c CommunityName
  • Go to for Community String explanation.
  • Follow the Zabbix Manual 1.6 for the rest of the configuration at the SNMP Agent section
  • Just note that in the Configuration of Items, you need these: Units=Bit, Use Multiplier with value 8, and choose Delta(speed per second) for Store Value



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