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Booting CD/DVD from ESXi 3.5 on Dell PowerEdge 2950

04.20.2009 · Posted in VM Ware ESXi 3.5

We tried to create/install a new virtual machine (Ubuntu system) in our new ESXi 3.5 server and we got confused about setting up the cd boot. There are two ways to connect a CD/DVD to an ESXi 3.5 VMware machine.

  1. Use Client Device – which means use the CD/DVD rom on your local PC
  2. Use Host Device – which means use the ESXi 3.5 server local CD/DVD rom

To achieve number 1, insert the Ubuntu CD onto your local dvd rom. Create a blank virtual machine, and edit the settings. Add a CD/DVD drive and choose the option “Client Device”. Also go to Options tab and in the “Boot Options” make sure you delay the boot. In my case I entered 10,000 milliseconds. Start the new VM, and it will boot with the Ubuntu install cd

To achieve number 2, you need to make sure the server CD/DVD rom drive is compatible with ESXi 3.5. In my case, I have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 and ESXi 3.5 doesn’t detect the dvd rom.

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