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ESXi 3.5 on Dell Optiplex GX620

02.11.2009 · Posted in VM Ware ESXi 3.5

I am currently setting up a brand new test environment, and I will be writing down the whole project here.

  • HardwareUsing Dell Optiplex GX620. This is one of the Dell workstations that will support ESXi 3.5. I tried to get ESXi working on Dell Optiplex 745, without any luck. It has a 3 GHZ processor, 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB drive.
  • Installing ESXi 3.5 build 123629 – I installed the VMware server successfully, and I managed to connect to the VMware server infrastructure using the VI client version 2.5.0 build 119801. Note that you need to download and install the latest build of ESXi 3.5 because the previous build 103908 has critical issues with it, and you will not be able to start the VMs.
  • Using VMware Converter 3.0.3 build 89816 – I am converting physical machines into virtual machines (workstation 6.x) and saving the images onto an external USB
  • Importing VMX files into ESXi 3.5 – I used VMware Converter to convert Virtual Machine 6(.vmx) into VMware Virtual Infrastructure Machine, and this error happened:

This was really bad news, because I had spent hours converting my physical machines into virtual machines (.vmx) and I was not able to import them into my ESXi 3.5 server.

I then converted the VMX file into a Virtual Appliance using VMware Converter, and was hoping to import the Virtual Appliance into my ESXi server. And this the error I received:


Luckily, there is a workaround. After converting the .VMX file into a Virtual Appliance (.OVF), you need to edit the OVF file. Do a search for this string “<vssd:VirtualSystemType>vmx-06” and changed it to 04. You will now be able to import the Virtual Appliance into the ESXi server.


I fixed the issue.

There is NO limitations on the VMware Converter 3.0.3 build 89816 . You can use it to convert Workstation 5.x and 6.x to ESXi 3.5.

It seemed to be a space issue.

But this is really strange because:

1) The physical machine I converted has 75GB HDD

2) After converting to Workstation 6 (VMX), I got a a .vmdk file of 16GB

3) I was trying to convert this to a datastore of 111GB in my ESXi 3.5

4) I extended the datastore from 111gb to 223gb, and ran the converstion again with success.


Can anyone can explain this behaviour?




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