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VMware ESXi 3.5 for DR

01.12.2009 · Posted in Backup and DR, VM Ware ESXi 3.5

In case one of the application servers blows up. For servers such as SQL and Exchange, you will need a beefed up server hosting the ESXi server. The BIG picture Convert physical machines (mostly Windows 2003 servers) into virtual machines (.vmx) Save the virtual machines into a central repository Restore the VM image when needed ...

MySQL backup

01.06.2009 · Posted in Backup and DR

This is how I backup MySQL database on a Linux box. MySQL database location The database files are located in /var/lib/mysql directory Scheduling the backup For scheduling the backup, I used a script. The scirpt is stored in /etc/cron.daily. Note: placing a script inside the /etc/cron.daily directory means it will be executed daily by Cron. The latter ...