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Can I turn off this server?

01.30.2009 · Posted in Windows 2003, Windows XP

If one day you ever need to restart or turn off a server which you don’t know much about, and would like to know the implications, there is a few things you can do to find out.  Computer Management console –  Under the Shared Folders section, you can find out all the shares available on the server ...

Copying Scheduled Tasks

01.29.2009 · Posted in Windows 2003

I am in the process of decommissioning a server to a newer hardware, and I need to move 10 jobs from the Scheduled Tasks to the new machine. Instead of creating the jobs from scratch again, which can be tedious especially when you have to create multiple schedule times, I’m copying the jobs across. The jobs ...

Workstation migration to a new domain

12.10.2008 · Posted in Windows 2003

Two months ago my company migrated their domain from NT4 to Wndows 2003 AD, and I had to prepare a tasks list for the workstations migration. When you join or change a workstation to a new domain, a completely new profile is created, for example you will lose all your email configurations and browser settings. ...

Backup and restore Active Directory

12.03.2008 · Posted in Windows 2003

Two months ago, my company upgraded their domain from NT4 to Windows AD 2003. The final stage of the project was to plan a disaster recovery solution for the domain controllers. Facts about AD backup and restore When you reboot after restoring, Active Directory replication replicates changes. Items restored non-authoritatively will be overwritten during replication. Use ...