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Moving Zabbix MySQL DB to new hardware

04.21.2009 · Posted in Linux

This document assumes that linux (Ubuntu) has already been installed on the new MySQL server. Login to new MySQL server – IP Address with account Username Install MySQL: enter the following command line. apt-get install mysql-server Assign password to root account and take note of it. Install ssh: enter the following command line. apt-get install ...

Useful PowerShell Scripts

03.20.2009 · Posted in Linux

Windows PowerShell is a new scripting language from Microsoft.  Below are some useful PS scripts I’ve written for Zabbix. We are using Zabbix Sender and Zabbix Trapper to check for file age, file size and string in files.   To check File Age in Minutes # FileAging.ps1 # This script developed and tested with PowerShell ...

GNU Wget

01.16.2009 · Posted in Linux, Tools

GNU Wget is an application that allows to retrieve files from the internet – http, https, and ftp. My company uses Wget to download files from an FTP datafeed provider and this is how it is setup:  Download Wget from here Install it on your machine Add “C:\Program Files\Gnuwin32\bin to the path variable in the ...

Standard Ubuntu Server Install

12.15.2008 · Posted in Linux

There are two versions of Ubuntu – one desktop and one server edition. The desktop edition comes with a GUI. Ubuntu OS is a good alternative if you hate or cannot afford MS Windows. The desktop version is very user friendly, however if you are new to Linux you might find it hard to use. ...